The Intersection of Digital Financial Inclusion and Health Equity | Tochukwu Egesi | Verity Times Convo

In this episode of Verity Times Convo, I spoke with Tochukwu Egesi on how digital financial inclusion and health equity intersect.


12/15/20231 min read

The intersection of digital financial inclusion and health equity represents a dynamic and multifaceted area of exploration with significant implications for global development and well-being. At its core, this intersection emphasizes the interconnectedness between financial access and health outcomes, highlighting how advancements in digital finance can contribute to improving healthcare access, affordability, and outcomes for underserved populations worldwide.

In this interview, Tochukwu shared insights on the transformative potential of leveraging digital financial inclusion to address health equity disparities, particularly in low- and middle-income countries. Tochukwu underscored the profound impact that limited financial access can have on healthcare outcomes, noting how individuals from marginalized communities often face barriers to accessing essential medical services and treatments due to financial constraints.

About Tochukwu Egesi:

Tochukwu Egesi is a financial services strategy consultant currently working as Associate Manager & ESG Practice MEA Region Lead at MasterCard. His work lies at the crossroads of financial services strategy and digital economy development. He has worked in over 13 African countries for the private sector, donors and governments. He has developed and implemented groundbreaking innovations in health care that utilize offline technology to provide personalized immunization reminders via SMS to caregivers in urban and rural areas. He has received several awards from local and international agencies for his development contributions in Nigeria, including The International Monetary Fund, The World Bank, the United Kingdom Government, LEAP Africa, ACT Foundation, and the First Lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.